Arctic Battery Charger

Arctic Battery Charger (ABC) is our line of automatic battery chargers intended for continuous charging of the battery and operating the battery heater when connected to a mains power supply.  Our selection consists of 12V 6A/10A and

24V 5A/10A chargers and mains-operated

12V 5A/10A and 24V 5A/10A chargers.

With our convenient installation kits, ABC chargers are easy to install in cars and other vehicles, such as tractors. The chargers are suitable for use with Defa and Calix heater systems.


ABC battery chargers meet the following standards: EN 60335-2-9, EN 50081-1,

EN 50082-1


Defa and Calix are only used as reference to the type of heater and corresponding plug for which the chargers connect to.

We reserve the right for technical changes.

ABC chargers for automatic charging and upkeep of your battery!


protection against incorrect installation

overheating protection

short circuit protection

over/undervoltage protection

overcurrent protection

EMC protection

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