Arctic Battery Heater

An automatic system for maintaining battery charge and battery upkeep:


- automatic battery heating while the engine is running, controlled based

  on voltage and temperature

- guaranteed optimal battery charge in cold weather conditions

- improved reliability for your car or other vehicle

- improved comfort in wintry conditions

- saves on servicing costs

- environmentally friendly due to improved battery lifespan

- heating possibly also when parked when connected to

  a battery charger     of min. 6A



Thanks to Arctic Battery Heater, you’ll be able to enjoy


- optimal battery capacity

- improved starting

- longer battery lifespan


Arctic Battery Heater is the solution for:


- ensuring vehicle start-up and operation in cold weather

- maintaining sufficient battery charge when driving only short distances

- ensuring fully charged batteries, no matter the conditions

- ensuring auxiliary heaters and other power-consuming appliances can

  be used to their full extent

ABH heater package contains: a control device (with voltage and temperature control), a heating element and an insulation kit according to battery type.

Battery heaters are available for both 12 and 24 volt systems. Suited for all battery sizes, automobiles, agricultural and forestry applications, other motor vehicles (ATV’s, snowmobiles).

The red graph shows how a battery working at optimal temperature can take in as much power as the charger can output, whereas the blue graph shows how a cold battery can only take in a few amperes. When driving only short distances at a time, the battery is unable to regain the energy lost during start-up. In other words, the charge level drops.


Easy and convenient installation!

No additional cabling or wiring is required while installing the battery heater. ABH heaters fit wherever the batteries fit! All you need to know to choose the correct ABH heater are the battery measurements, or with OEM batteries, simply the make and model of the car.

Fits all makes and models of cars, trucks, tractors etc.!


100 % battery charge at your disposal

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