Arctic Battery Heater

Makes it possible to heat and charge the battery, using mains power while the car is parked. When the engine is running, the heating system functions automatically using power generated by the alternator.

Temperature and voltage controlled. Easy to install in all brands of automobiles and other vehicles!

EMC tested, CE certified.

Quickly pre-heats the diesel fuel for auxiliary heaters to +20°C ensuring clean and smoke-free combustion. Soot build-up is eliminated and the heater will function faultlessly even in the coldest conditions. Temperature controlled, easy to install!

Arctic Battery Chargers

ABC battery chargers.

Protection against incorrect installation

Overheating protection

Short circuit protection

Over/undervoltage protection

Overcurrent protection

EMC protection

IP 46, IP44

Arctic Targeted Heater

Fuel Filter Heater ensures fuel flow through the heater, regardless of how cold it gets.

Fuel Line Heater ensures diesel fuel flow even in the narrowest fuel line.

Gas Bottle Heater ensures gas flow in subzero temperatures, until the bottle is well and truly empty.

Arctic Warm 2 U is a back heater for active people. When you’re on the move, you’ll sweat, but when you stop, you get cold. AW 2 U is the solution for keeping you warm.

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