START & GO = Arctic PLUS heating system for car batteries!

Power from the battery is used to start the car.

Start-stop systems shut down the engine: When the car stops at a traffic light and neutral is selected, the start-stop system will shut down the engine. This is done to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Demands on the battery: The battery is used to power all electric devices in the car. The engine is running only when needed. The battery has to have adequate charge in order for the engine to be turned off.

Start-stop systems require adequate battery charge in order to operate. However, in winter conditions, battery charge levels drop dramatically causing the start-stop system to stop functioning. The systems are supposed to cut harmful emissions and fuel consumption by switching off the engine when it is not needed. When battery charge level drops, the system will not function and there will be no reduction in emissions or fuel consumption.


Arctic Plus Start & Go system will eliminate the problem of inadequate battery charge. A car equipped with an Arctic Plus system will function in the most environmentally manner even in winter, helping the start-stop system to function to the full extent.

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