Which reasons lead to the development of Arctic Fuel Heater and Arctic Battery Heater?


Those whose profession involves operating automobiles or other vehicles know how things tend to get more challenging whenever the temperature drops to freezing figures. Earning your daily bread at temperatures below -20°C is nothing short of an art form.


Teijo Siekkinen, a car mechanic turned salesman, had over 14 years of personal experience of dealing with problems caused by the cold. Back then, the only solution were jumper cables, whereas malfunctioning auxiliary heaters were dealt with nothing but curses and so-called servicing. Whenever the mercury would fall below -20°C, the problems would reappear. In 1999, when Siekkinen accepted the position of technical service manager in a car dealership in Oulu, Finland, he faced the same problems once again.


The feedback from the customers was nothing short of crushing! How was it possible, that a car costing €50,000 would not start when needed the most? Heaters would burst out clouds of smoke, be “repaired” three or four times, but to no avail. Constant visits to the repair shop made the customers bitter. One cold morning, a group of customers came to see Siekkinen, proclaiming that they would no longer pay for the heater repairs or towing costs. The manufacturers and importers were no help. A new solution had to be found! Having thought things over, Siekkinen called the fuel laboratory at Finnish fuel refiners Neste, receiving information which lead to the development of Arctic Fuel Heater. The first prototype was quite rudimentary and way too slow in operation, but it proved that the problem could be solved this way. Once development was finished, Arctic Fuel Heater eliminated this problem once and for all.

However, there was another problem to solve. Auxiliary heaters draw power from the vehicle’s battery. A heater combusting cleanly was not much of a consolation, if the battery didn’t have the capacity it needed in order to operate. A cold battery can only take in a few amperes of power, which clearly was not enough. The solution was to design a battery heater. A working prototype was soon built. Now, both problems had been solved.


All that was left to finish developing the products and finding a way to market them.  The ideas were presented to Project Manager Hannu Hakonen from the Foundation for Finnish Inventions, who then suggested submitting an application for funding. The application was made and accepted. This lead to the development of AFH and ABH product lines and making them available on the market. Arctic Plus product family is the solution for problems caused by cold weather.

All products are now available at retailers throughout Finland.


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