Arctic Heat Control Oy (AHC) is a Finnish company specializing in solving issues which winter can cause in cars and other machinery.

The product line of Arctic Heat Control is the long-awaited solution to starting problems experienced with auxiliary heaters (Webasto, Eberspächer, Ardic etc.) in cold conditions.


Arctic Heat Control has the products to prevent cold weather from clogging diesel fuel in fuel lines and filters.


AHC is the sole provider of functioning solutions for problems with battery charge reception and capacity. Using the patented ABH heating system to heat the battery – while the engine is running or while the vehicle is parked – removes battery capacity problems in cold conditions. It’s a fully automatic system for charge upkeep and maintaining battery health! Our ArcticPlus line of equipment ensures faultless operation of Start & Stop systems in new cars. Arctic Plus = Start & Go system!


All AHC products have fully automatic operation, are voltage and temperature controlled, require no servicing and have passed EMC and CE tests.


Products by Arctic Heat Control ensure automobiles and other vehicles will start regardless of weather conditions and operate in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendlier manner.


Developed in Finland, made in Finland, for Finnish conditions!

Arctic Heat Control Oy  Kantajantie 17, 90800 OULU PUH: 040 5563 600 FAX: 08 556 1913 E-mail: